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Collection Development Policy

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Collection Development Policy 



Chapter 5 of the FDLP Handbook: "Depository Collections"


Example of a collection development policy from Georgia College & State University




DRAFT of Frazar Memorial Library, McNeese State University

Government Documents Department

Collection Development Policy


I. Introduction and Mission Statement


II. User Community Needs and Descriptions


III. MSU Curriculum and Community Support


    A. McNeese State University


    B. Description of the Documents Department


    C. The Collection


    D. Cooperation with other Library Departments


IV. Collection Development Policy


V. General Selection Guidelines


    A. Selection Responsibility


    B. Bibliographic Access Tools


    C. Special Considerations


    D. Gifts


    E. Duplicates


    F. Retrospective collection and missing publications


    G. Non-Depository Items


    H. Reference Materials


    I. Missing Depository Items


    J. De-selection and Withdrawal of Depository Items


VI. Cooperative Programs




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