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Federal Documents Procedures Manual


Circulating Documents

All Marcive-barcoded incoming circulating documents (with the exception of pamphlet brochures or single sheets) must have a security sticker and pocket or invisible pocket.


Non-Circulating Documents

Put a barcode on all incoming documents that have no Marcive barcodes (i.e. non-circulating Periodicals such as loose and bound magazines/journals, newsletters, and CD-Roms) with the exception of Microfiche.


Stamp them with the "Does Not Circ" stamp.


No security sticker and no pocket is needed since it will not circulate. Put a security sticker only in bound periodical volumes.


Also, update all their holdings in Workflows via "Call Number and Item Maintenance" and "Marc Holdings".


Call Number and Item Maintenance --> Call Number/Item Tab:



Modify Title -->Marc Holdings Tab:




Reference Documents

[Will refine this later but note that Reference Docs must be barcoded as well, have just a security sticker and their Worfklows holdings updated via "Call Number and Item Maintenance" and "Marc Holdings"]


Cataloging Screenshots


Other Workflows Tips for Federal Docs

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